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NOW/COMP Waiver Services to support clients with DD/ID Diagnosis that include severe Autism, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, or epilepsy—that substantially impairs intellectual or adaptive functioning. We offer support to children and their families to build skills that will provide young people  with opportunities to live independently and in the most integrated setting possible as they mature

In-home and Clinic Based Services Available 

ABA Services provides behavioral support to help individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Start the process now to improve your loved one's quality of life.

What to Expect


We gather Info from caregivers, Psychologists, Doctors and Insurance Providers


Our team gets to know you and your child and collaborate with teachers and supporters


We create a comprehensive treatment plan and identify our goals and objectives

We get to work-

No babysitting! we work hard to change behaviors, monitor progress amd communicate outcomes

Put our team to work for your child!

Get Connected!

Want someone to reach out to you to help you decide if this is the best place for your family? 

Getting started with our services is easy! 

Simply call our office to speak with an intake coordinator who will listen to your concerns and take down some basic information. We will then collect your child's medical records and all pertinent insurance information. Our team will contact your insurance provider to assess your benefits and request authorization for the assessment and treatment of your child.

Complete the form and we'll reach out with more info! Or call 404-585-7533

Thanks for submitting!

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