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Flexible Affordable Outpatient Detox

Welcome to our outpatient detox center in Conyers! 

Experience safe and comfortable outpatient detox with our exceptional care center. Our highly trained professionals provide accurate assessments, medical detoxification, observation, and medication management in a relaxing setting. Say hello to a healthier you in only about 2 hours per day!

1/2 the cost of inpatient treatment
21 day program


Ambulatory Detoxification

Need help getting out from under the influence of substances that have the potential to ruin your life?

Does your substance abuse consume less than 9 hours a week or are you stepping-down from more intensive services?  If so our program can help you reach and maintain sobriety. 

Get convenient support that allows you to keep working, parenting and living while you heal!

Early Intervention 

Early intervention can consist of assessment and education for people at risk of developing a substance use disorder The goal is to intervene before a person develops a substance use disorder.

Studying in Groups

Substance Abuse Counseling

Individual and Group Therapy and Classes are taught in our Conyers Office most days.  Judgement free zone where clients can get real results.

Affordable Daily Rates
Now Accepting
United Healthcare!  

Case Management & Long Term Support

24/7 Medical Support 

Withdrawal Management

Group & Individual Counseling

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