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Welcome to Comprehensive Family Care, where we offer a comprehensive range of integrated, evidence-based mental health care therapies to individuals, couples, and families virtually and or face to face in Georgia. We liaise with medical professionals, schools, veterans’ associations, and insurance companies in order to bring you the best possible care.


Our team of highly skilled counselors is all experts with specialized education and training in individual fields. We use a wide range of psychiatric interventions to ensure excellent results for you.


The vision of Comprehensive Family Care is to enhance the communal, familial, and personal experiences of the clients we touch. To help prepare them for success in the world we provide a variety of counseling services and modalities with superior commitment and expertise that assist in the alleviation, remediation, and prevention of distress, that educate clients in ways that develop self-awareness, self-reliance, and self-confidence, and empower clients to be their best selves in home, school, work and community

Angel Haye


A Rockdale County native with a passion for helping others heal from their traumas and become vibrantly successful with managing their own mental and emotional health. I began my career working with children as a middle school teacher at a local DeKalb charter school. After a few years of working with the children, I obtained a degree in School Counseling. After graduating with honors I stepped into the role of School Counselor and re-built the program to best serve the children, their families, and the community. Now, in a different part of mental health services, I am continuing my journey to support all members of the community.

Janaye Ausbrooks

Greetings my name is Janayé Ausbrooks. I am a Licensed Master Social Worker interested in serving individuals dealing with Mental Health concerns. My focus is to help teach and guide my clients to implement more holistic approaches while in therapy. I hope to assist by educating my clients on various techniques that help strengthen and improve their mind, body, and spirit through the use of Holistic practices such as deep breathing, grounding techniques, etc. while also incorporating CBT and DBT skills. I am dedicated in helping my clients strive to be their best versions of themselves.

melissa lewis.jpg

Melissa is an experienced life and career coach and has many years of experience facilitating workshops and educational programs. She has a passion for holistic and traditional therapies, including tantra, mindfulness, meditation, sound therapy and chakra balancing. She has a Master's in Counseling and is a National Certified Counselor.

Melissa Lewis

My clients come to see me when they are ready to transition to a healthier, happier life. As your therapist, I’ll guide you along your journey and provide you with the necessary skills to overcome challenges. Joi offers a soft touch and a supportive nature to her clients and is encouraging to each one.

  • License: Georgia / APC006658

Joi Bythewood

"Coach" Edwards is a certified hypnotherapist and specializes in training others program their minds for success.  He is an accomplished author and trainer who has seen amazing results personally and professionally using therapeutic.  He is especially gifted at working with men's issues.

  • LAPC

Rasheid Edwards

Mrs. May has a long history working with children with emotional and behavior disorders in the school system.. She has further applied her expertise to working with adults with ADHD and PTSD.  She utilizes technology to improve client focus and ability to function daily tasks.  She enjoys working with couples and other women balancing multiple roles.

Roshanda May

Orville, better known as OJ, specializes in Cultural Diversity & Inclusion; Depression & Anxiety; Leadership Dynamics; Men’s Issues; Couples/Marriage Issues; Substance Abuse & Addiction; Work Related Stress Management; & Crisis Management. His greatest desire is to help other men become happy, healthy, loving members of their families and communities. 

Orville Jackson 

I have earned a Master degree in Counseling. My experience in counseling has included various populations who have shared stories of rejection, abandonment, spiritual and emotional brokenness. I help individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD, anger management, and much more. I work from a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy theoretical framework. My intention is to provide a structured and supportive environment for you to feel good about while meeting your goals that include a healthier mental and physical wellbeing.

Sabrina Turner

As a psychotherapist Monique brings experience helping others live out their dreams to every interaction. She is passionate about being a change agent in the world and leaving it better than it is today. After graduating from Cornell University, she worked in marketing but made a career change and began working as a therapist in 2001. She is specialty trained to help clients recover from trauma and is passionate about holistic healing. 

Monique Knight