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Clinical Supervision

105 hrs required over 2-5 years 


The expected pace is 35 hours/yr for a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 5 yrs to catch up if you fall behind or 52.5/hours/yr for a minimum of 2 years (newly approved)   This is when you discuss your work including individual counseling, family therapy, couple's therapy work in any mental health clinic or family counseling center. We staff cases and I mentor you in becoming an amazing counseling pro.

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Directed Experience Requirement

3000 hours of work experience required to be completed within 5 years of graduation

 (Private practice is not allowed- meaning you can not be self employed and must have another party supervising your work.  You may work in a small group practice like ours)


Cost of Supervision

I offer 3 options to complete this required investment:

1 session individual or dyad                     $65

35 hrs or 1 year individual  or dyad         $1925 

105 hr package full requirement             $5250 

*** Special ***   1 year of group Supervision for $1500

Available 2x/week Thursday at 4pm or Friday at 8am EST

              *****Save $925/yr*****

Quick Sync

Get Directed Experience Here


● Join us. You will be  an Employee 

● Learn to do your own marketing 

● Manage client payments, scheduling, and documentation 

● Your supervision and work may be virtual 

● Create relationships and get referrals 

●We answer phone calls  + provide intake support 

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