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Our Charity Work

We are committed to giving back and are counting on you to support us. We Believe a broken spirit should be treated as urgently as a broken bone and offer clients an opportunity to get the support they need whether it's counseling, clothing, household items and food.  We refer clients to housing and other resources and connect families in crisis with the resources they need to make real impactful changes.

Second Hand Market

Knight Hall

Make an appointment to shop or donate! We offer like new or new clothing, bedding, curtains, small appliances, hygiene items, shoes, and toys for all ages.  Everything is available at pay-what-you-can prices to those in need.  

We will be giving those affected by inflation access to our
closet. Our closet holds household items, clothes, shoes, and toys for all ages. Contact us to donate, volunteer, or go through our closet!


Come volunteer to serve in the store, food/toy giveaways, mentoring others, tutoring and supporting parents in creating the family structures that win!  

Volunteer Using Sign Language
Image by Katt Yukawa

Financial Support

Many families struggle with the cost of therapy and other services needed as well as maintaining their homes.  Your donation will help protect families and get their needs met. 

Tax Deductible Donations

Tax ID 99-1682047

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