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Support Groups

We offer many Support Groups and here are a few that are open to new participants.  

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Young Adult Support Group

These have been difficult days. Prom cancelled due to Covid, Virtual School, Violence and Community Upheaval, and Global Warming making the future uncertain. Young People need extra support and a safe place to communicate about their frustrations and anxieties.  We are here to care and listen and prepare young folks for success. This is an Open Co-ed Supervised Group   

Led By

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Justice & Melissa

Healthy Relationships with Food Support Group

This group offers support for those challenged in their relationships with eating, food, body image and the self. We center the group around reading various books that offer guidance on how to repair traumatized connections with their sense of satiety and/or decision making mechanisms to make healthy food choices. 


The group meets Monday evenings at 7:30 PM

Please use this link to register   

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Lesbian Couple with Son

This group follows the Families make the Difference Curriculum as well as principals developed by Cornell University.  It guides parents in ways to understand & utilize effective, nurturing, positive parenting foundations. These strategies are evidence based methods at behavior and motivation management.

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