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Why it's important for men to get counseling!

There is a tremendous need for men to get counseling. Counseling is like a vitamin and similar to the old saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"! Another great saying, "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure".

Today, masculinity is being redefined in society at an alarming rate. Toxic masculinity is taken over and leading to more negative interactions which has had fatal outcomes. In our most recent times, we have lost so many men to violence. If you research some of these cases they them stem from poor communication and being misunderstood. If we ponder on the loss of men dying by acts of violence it brings a wave of sadness to our community. How do we make a shift? How do we make the necessary changes? These are questions that we are faced with.

We can make the necessary shifts and changes by getting our men talking. They must talk freely! Men should vent and express their honest feelings in a safe place. Therapy can make this a reality. When men start talking comfortability it will free them of built up stress and pressure providing a positive long term outcome. This shift of free talking will impact men, their colleagues, relationship partners, and children in a positive way. The entire community will be impacted in a way that will change the trajectory of everyone's lives. These are the reasons why it is important for men to get counseling! Tell your brother, father, uncle, son, and significant other to get counseling and talk freely! Let's encourage every man we know to seek counseling/therapy so we can positively change our world for the better!


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