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Your Mental Wellness is Important

By Jerome Arrington

Your Mental Wellness is Important

Healing and being spiritual are often mistaken for happiness. When you choose to heal you start off thinking, “Ok I got to be happy and there has to be an easy way to get there and to stay there.” What a heavy misconception to have when the honest part of healing is feeling your way through. It’s about recognizing what you are feeling and thinking and work through it with healthy exercises.

Although a lot of Instagram influencers and YouTubers make ultimate happiness look like a cakewalk, it’s not. Healing is heavy and when you are on the journey alone like most of us, you begin to fall into the sadness rather than embrace it along the healing process. There may be days when your past patterns or old traumas creep up and as you work through it, you may not be at your happiest moments. Other times, emotions may be boiling over and you just cannot put your finger on it. Everyone on a spiritual journey has looked up at one point and felt as though they were caught up too far in the mundane. The feeling of being off-balance weighs on you and there seemingly have been more bad days than good. It’s time for a mental wellness check-in.

The mental wellness check-in can be done throughout the day. It’s a self-evaluation that not only highlights where you are lacking but it can help pick the right action to get the alignment correct. Wellness check-ins are best accompanied by personal affirmations to get your mind and spirit aligned. It is said that saying affirmations throughout the day can boost our confidence when we are feeling low and help remind us that happiness is our divine


Here are a few steps for doing a self-mental check-in:

1. Give gratitude - although you’re experiencing sadness, is there anything to be grateful for? Have you shown anyone gratitude lately? This includes yourself.

2. Ask yourself what are you feeling? Why is this feeling coming up? Could it be because you’re actively healing or has this been lingering? Now, if the feeling has been lingering it’s up to you to find the source and work through it. If you are actively working through it, use the affirmation, “I now live in the mood of the solution.”

3. Find ways to express your joy or happiness even if that means writing it down and coming back to read them whenever the familiar emotions creep up?

4. Consider movement. What can you physically do to get your mind body and soul in alignment?

5. Tap-in. If you weren’t healing, how would you be feeling at this very moment? Go back to the second step once you feel that moment of being light-hearted and carefree.

After going through this add some empowering affirmations. Implementing this throughout your day, week, and month cannot only assist with healing but will keep your vibrations high as you trudge through the darker moments.

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